JACKIE STRATTON, LMT, LM, RC, CRA is a licensed massage therapist, registered counselor, certified Contact Reflex Analysis nutritional advisor, and a midwife.  She is a certified instructor in the art of an old Japanese acupuncture  healing technique called Jin Shin Jyutsu and High Touch, as well as certifications in many healing techniques.

Jackie has been practicing for 37 years and brings to her teaching and her private sessions a wealth of passion and experience in many modalities. Her experience as a midwife, family and individual counselor, and a birth and life coach gives her the experience to support you, as you too learn to unleash your passion and find your path of balance.

She is also proficient in therapeutic massage. She has been working with insurance companies, both HMO's and accident since 1978. Jackie studied Alexander Technique, Myo fascia Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Cranio Sacral Therapy,  just to mention a few.  She was fortunate to work with chiropractors in the Non Stress Release Technique. Over the years Jackie has perfected her own technique that allows the release of the muscles and bones to happen through relaxation and soft touch. As client Joyce Lamoreaux of Olympics Botanicals puts it: "She is remarkable. The touch is feather light and the basics very simplistic, yet the results are profound."   

Jackie started teaching birthing classes in 1974, parental health education and paramedic trainings in 1979 and has been  teaching a variety of health modalities for the last 20 years, including Cranio Sacral Therapy and Contact Reflex Analysis.

In the last 23 years Jackie Stratton has expanded her practice to  include animals of all kinds, although she is a bit uncomfortable with snakes. She has delivered calfs, turned horses, and rescued birds from smoke inhalation.

She has a practice of all ages and although she enjoys it all, is most at home with children. She has even considered specializing in children as she started out her medical career as a paramedic in a pediatric clinic.  However, since she does not believe in specialization of the body in healthcare, she has instead focused on integration of the body, mind and soul in all life forms.

As Jackie's own life is progressing, she is expanding into the full spectrum of the life cycle and has been blessed to be present in the support of individuals and families in the last cycle of their lives. Is there really any difference in the dying and the birthing? Is it not just the merging and the emerging of the spirit.

Jackie incorporates Japanese pulse taking and applied kinesiology as well as skilled intuitive health deduction in order to begin this process of healing from the inside out. What is the underlying cause? How does the body find balance today and where does the body want to start?

She sees her sessions as a painting that has only a blank canvas at the start but by the end of the session, she has painted a picture full of light and hope.